DOC Community Corrections

In many cases after a woman is incarcerated in a state prison, she returns to the community under the community supervision of a parole agent. In Milwaukee, parole agents may refer women to our Women's Harm Reduction Program to ensure their successful reentry to the community. 

At the Benedict Center, a counselor works with each participant to craft an individualized service plan. Women participate in several groups as part of the program. Helping Women Recover and Seeking Safety are cognitive behavioral treatment programs that serve women in criminal justice or correctional settings who have substance use disorders and are likely to have co-occurring trauma histories. 

The goals of the interventions are to reduce substance use, encourage enrollment in aftercare treatment, and reduce the probability of recidivism. Counselors use a strengths-based approach with a focus on personal safety to help clients develop effective coping skills, build healthy relationships that foster growth, and develop a strong, positive interpersonal support network.

The Benedict Center helps women navigate and complete the terms of community supervision. Since 2007, the Benedict Center and the DOC Division of Community Corrections have learned that a supportive parole agent combined with community-based treatment and support provides women the best opportunity for success.