Women’s Harm Reduction Program

The Women’s Harm Reduction Program provides mental health and substance abuse treatment through individual and group counseling specially designed for women in a safe, welcoming space.

We recognize that most women referred to our program have experienced trauma. We seek to build spaces where women can feel safe and empowered to make choices.  Our approaches are designed to avoid re-traumatization.  We use proven interventions to decrease trauma symptoms and support healing.

We provide behavioral health services that build upon the assets and skills of women. Participants learn the tools, practice the skills, and receive the support they need.  We recognize and reward gradual, progressive, and lasting change.  We know that set-backs are part of the process.

Women’s journeys begin with an individualized assessment and a treatment plan co-created with their counselor.  As part of the outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment, women participate in individual and group counseling.   Groups are based on evidence-based principles, which means they are proven to be effective.

Groups and Classes

  • Anger and Stress Management Helps women analyze their behaviors and learn how to communicate more effectively.
  • Seeking Safety Helps women who have experienced trauma learn to use safe coping skills to deal with overwhelming, negative emotions.
  • Moving On Uses cognitive behavior techniques to build healthier relationships and make more effective choices.
  • Women’s Support Specifically designed for women in the sex trade. This group helps women make informed choices, reduce risks and increase safety.
  • Parenting and Family Nurturing Focuses on the whole family, child development, and positive parenting skills for mothers, including those with custody issues.
  • Employment / Makin’ It Work Helps participants understand employer expectations in the workplace and improve interpersonal communication skills needed to obtain and retain a job. Women learn how to write a resume, practice interviews, and conduct targeted job search.

Most women are referred through the:                                                                     

  • Milwaukee County Circuit Court/ Early Interventions Program (e.g. DPA)
  • Milwaukee County Day Reporting Center
  • Wisconsin Department of Corrections
  • Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Services- CCS

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Our work is only possible as a result of incredible community investment, including key philanthropic supporters and system partners such as:


Forest County Potawatomi

Johnson Controls Foundation