The Benedict Center is an interfaith nonprofit dedicated to helping women affected by the criminal justice system find hope and lead safer and healthier lives, while advocating for a system of justice that is fair and treats everyone with dignity and respect.

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The Benedict Center provides services and advocacy for women in the criminal justice system so they can live safer, healthier lives for themselves, their children and the community we all share.

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Women’s Harm Reduction Program

Provides mental health and substance abuse treatment through individual and group counseling for women in the criminal justice system.

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Sisters Program

Helps women in the street-based sex trade find hope and live healthier and safer lives through a harm reduction and housing-first approach.

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Women’s Reentry Program

Supports incarcerated women's successful return to the community.

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Justice Advocacy

Advocates for a more equitable justice system including public health approaches to substance use, mental illness and trauma instead of criminalization.

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Our Approach

Providing Treatment and Support

Justice-involved women are disproportionately impacted by substance use and mental health issues. 

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Navigating the Criminal Justice System

Without proper treatment and support to address their underlying issues, women are condemned to a revolving door of incarceration, release, and re-incarceration. Our goal is to help women find a pathway of hope, treatment, and advocacy that leads them out of the criminal justice system toward a better life for themselves and their children.

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Advocating for Social Justice

Advocates for best practice and cost-effective policies to ensure women in the criminal justice system receive gender-responsive, trauma-informed, and harm reduction-focused treatment.

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Get Informed

We invite you to learn more about the interconnected issues impacting the daily lives of justice-involved women. Explore this page to get informed and stay up to date on what the Benedict Center is doing in the community.

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Get Involved

You can help women who are working hard to improve their lives. Donate today. Your support will will make an immediate difference for women in our community.

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